This royal city of Morocco has much to offer, where you might not even know off. This ‘red city’ has many beautiful sights and for several years the most visited city in the north of Africa. It is the second largest city of Morocco and has about 800,000 inhabitants. Most of the houses are painted red. It really is a colorful and exciting city, which is called one of the jewels of Morocco.
Marrakech offers a wide variety of entertainment, each of course equally enchanting.  Nightlife is constantly moving.. Marrakshi's are known for their party skills, you certainly will not get bored!


Essaouira, a pitoresque fishermen's town on Morocco's Atlantic coast, is an incredible surfing spot. International wind and kitesurfing competitions are held in Essaouira, Morocco's windiest coastal town.
The reason why the waves in the bay of Essaouira are smaller and less dangerous than at other spots is because of the Isle of Mogador surrounding the bay.
The bay of Essouira is especially suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers.




Agadir is fun for everyone. It offers  a 10 km long beach of fine sand and over 300 days of sunshine per year. The seductive Agadir is the jewel of Moroccan tourism. The city is located in a beautiful bay with golden sand between Oued Souss, the foothills of the Kasbah and the Cape Ghir. The slight slope and tranquility of the ocean from the beach make an unforgettable paradise. Agadir is the main resort of the Moroccan Atlantic coast. The numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and wide boulevards provide a cozy atmosphere.

Sidi Ifni

Sidi Ifni is a small, beautiful city in the south of Morocco. It offers you the most consistent waves all year round. It is a lot further south than the other surf holiday destinations such as Taghazout. But the surf spots are definatly less crowded.



An industrial centre and thriving port, Safi is a lot less picturesque than neighbouring coastal towns, but it offers an insight into the day-to-day life of a Moroccan city. Most tourists stop here en route to or from Essaouira to visit the giant pottery works that produce the typical brightly coloured Safi pottery.
The new town is pleasant enough, with tree-lined boulevards and whitewashed villas, but the alleys of the walled and fortified medina are more atmospheric to stroll through, and you often have the sites to yourself. The beaches are famous for their impressive surf.



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