Paradise valley
Paradise valley

rivers, Water falls

Sidi Ifni
Sidi Ifni

somewhere betwen sidi ifni and legzira


south morocco atlantic ocean

Paradise valley
Paradise valley

rivers, Water falls


Surf Spots

Oukaimeden is The spot to go skiing or snowboarding in Morocco. only 1 hour drive from Marrakech and you feel you are in one of Europe's ski resort, based on all the facilities.  However, by seeing donkey’s walking up the mountains, you still know you are in Morocco. Oukaimeden is Africa's highest ski resort, its village sitting at 2,600m and its chairlift rising to 3,275m there you will find the peak of Jebel Attar. Five runs come down from the giddily height, else where are four drag lifts servicing the nursery and intermediate slopes and one chairlift from the very top.


Sidi Kaouki

This small Berber village lies on the Atlantic coast, 25 km from Essaouira and 150 km from Agadir. 
This spot attracts surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers. Sidi Kaouki features a 5 km bay, with fine sand beach. The spot is famous for its good waves which are normally between 1-3m high.


Imsouane is one of the best locations  for beginner and intermediate surfers, Imsouane boasts two beautiful long sandy beaches known as Cathedrals and The Bay. It's a calm fishermen's village in the middle of a huge area of protected forest 14km off the main road and surrounded by mountains.  
The berber inhabitants are extremely friendly and relax. Imsouane was discovered  by surfers in the late 70's. A spoken legend is that Jimi Hendrix spent a lot of time in this pristine village to chill out and surf. 
Surfers continue being the most faithful clients of Imsouane. Warm weather all year round and paradise beaches make Imsouane the next best surf spot!





Mirleft is a sleepy town on the Atlantic coast, south of Agadir. There is no mass tourism, but peace and an atmosphere of tranquality, beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffs with natural rock arches. Here you can enjoy swimming, surfing and horse riding. Also the bird rich estuary Sous Massa National Park and the walled town of Tiznit, with its famous silversmiths', are nearby.




120 km south of Agadir, about 10 kilometers north of the town of Sidi Ifni, in the southwest of Morocco on the Atlantic coast, we find again a place where Nature silences us. The beach of Legzira, has not been found by tourism greatly. It is the tranquility of this place that has its charm.  In the evening you can leave the windows open and hear the sound of the waves, great doze off to sleep. The town also has a number of cafes where you can sit back. Legzira offers a lot of outdoor activities, such as paragliding, kayaking, spearfishing and of course surfing.  You will not find large numbers of people in Legzira. Only some fishermen and a rare tourist. Only the sound of a kestrel makes you realize that there is still life, during this quiet sunset in the versatility of this beautiful place.


Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley shows that there is still unspoiled nature. It has got waterfalls over a thousand years old. You can sunbathe on the warm rocks, swim in natural blue swimming pools,  go rock jumping and being blown away by the natural beauty of this idyllic spot.
The local Berber name for the valley is Tagharat Ankrim, named after the Ankrim river that runs through these mountains.  


This small hippy village is well-known for its good surf. The different beaches, reef and point breaks makes this place ideal for every surfer. Taghazout has the straightest swell of the North Atlantic Ocean and clean waves uptil 5 meters high!


Ourika Valley

Situated just 1 hour from Marrakech you will find Ourika Valley in the High Atlas. A fresh and green area offers escape from the summer heat of Marrakech. It is famous for its 7 waterfalls at Setti Fatima and the ski resort of Oukaimeden, at its head. The green terraced fields besides the river welcome you to relax and have a traditional Berber tajine and Moroccan mint tea. 


Oualidia is a small village on the Atlantic coast, facing a salt water lagoon and beach where ocean and coast merge.
Oualidia is just a 2,5-hour drive from Marrakech and 2 hours from Casablanca and is the ideal place to unwind.
The magic of the lagoon and the tides, provides a constantly-changing back veil. Poised on the edge of the ocean, in a site of great ecological importance, Oualidia will attract, captivate, energise and sooth in equal measure.