Hometown: Marrakech, Morocco.


Time Surfing:                15 years

Skiing/Snowboarding:  14 years


Years teaching:           12 years Skiing/Snowboarding

                                    10 years Surfing


Certification:                - Austrian SnowSport Academy Level 1-2.

                                    + basic freestyle Skiing/Snowboarding

                                    - French/Morocain Diploma BF1 in Surfing


Langues:                     Arabic, French, and English


How did you get into Surfing, Skiing, and Snowboarding?

 Being from Marrakech, I was lucky to have the best of both worlds. With a quick one hour drive into the local snow-capped mountains or a two hour trip to the nearest beach, whatever holiday or weekend off, I was active in doing what I loved.


What is your favorite part of working with people and teaching?   

 The excitement in someone's eyes when they do something for the first time, like catching their first wave or make that first turn on skies or a snowboard takes me back in time, I remember the rush and being part of it all the better.


Have you surfed or skied/snowboard outside of Morocco?

The beauty of these sports there are so many killer places to check out, I have lived/worked in Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, California, and Hawaii. but, there is no place like home.




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